Biological Assets Trading


Who are we?

The biological asset platform can solve the online transaction of livestock and poultry and break the traditional trading mode of raw capital;

AIOTAGRO is a high-tech company focusing on smart agriculture (AI+IoT), dedicated to solving food safety problems from the source of agricultural production.

what are our advantages?

The physical condition of the living body on the platform can be traced back to its source. Data can be queried. You won't buy sick livestock.

检疫标准 活体身体状况可追溯
生资交易流程闭环 发挥行业潜力
用户快速上手 无需复杂操作流程
成熟的技术团队 平台的行业资源
Quarantine standards and live body condition traceability
From brooding to sales, various data of livestock and poultry can be queried
The quality is qualified and meets the quarantine standard
Closed loop of capital trading process to give full play to industry potential
Closed loop of livestock and poultry trading process to achieve efficient trading transactions
Opening up resources in all links in the business process and giving full play to the potential of the industry
Users can get started quickly without complicated operation procedures
Bio-assets can be traded with just one mobile phone, satisfying the ease of use for householders
Break the traditional capital trading model
Mature technology R&D team with Industry resources of the platform
Agriculture, artificial intelligence, Internet of things experts, perfect supply chain system
Cooperation with industry leading platforms to deeply cultivate the field of smart agriculture

Biological Assets Trading Platform

Livestock trade

Biological Assets Trading Platform

Livestock trade

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