Difficulties in Biological Asset Loans


The "14th Five-Year Plan" is the key five years for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and accelerating the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Agricultural and rural investment marked to the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, releasing huge demand for consumption and investment.The fields of agriculture and financial cooperation are broad.

It is difficult to count

The current method of biological asset measurement is sampling estimation, which has the limitation that the quantity of biological assets cannot be accurately calculated and that the sample deviation is very large.So it is difficult to manual count.The estimated value is quite different from the actual quantity.

It is difficult to monitor

Once the asset is mortgaged, the uniqueness of the asset must be guaranteed and monitored at all times, otherwise it may lead to the loss and insufficient value of the collateral. With traditional monitoring methods, it is difficult to monitor whether the number of livestock farms is sufficient.It is also difficult to ensure that these biological assets are not transferred, subcontracted, or sold privately.

It is difficult to value

After the real estate is set, its shape is relatively fixed.Its valuation only needs to consider changes in market value. It is a more reliable method for banks to convert it through a certain ratio of market evaluation value. The growth state of biological assets has been changing.

Bank Supervision Platform Architecture


Dynamic monitoring of biological assets

Using AIOT smart devices to obtain physiological parameters: such as physical indicators exercise volume (movement steps), body weight, body temperature, physiological state, etc., as well as real-time positioning monitoring and inventory of livestock.

Bank Supervision Platform

With the assistance of the monitoring platform, it is possible to achieve real-time accurate monitoring, data analysis and information transmission of live breeding data, so as to efficiently complete the supervision work and make up for the supervision weaknesses after the live livestock and poultry loans.

Bank Supervision Platform

Banking Supervision

Standardized Management

Standardized management of cattle, from real-time positioning, monitoring to inventory, to grasp the status of each individual

Health Monitoring

Identify the abnormal health status of cattle in advance to prevent diseases;Locate sick cattle

Real Time Positioning

Check real time position of cattle through the management system

Dynamic Monitoring

Dynamically grasp the production and operation data such as the inventory, slaughter, and growth status of mortgaged livestock for sale

Electronic Fence

As soon as the cow leaves the fence, alarm will be triggered and an alert with location information will be uploaded

Post-loan supervision

The background management system provides data supervision and real-time viewing of the location and health status of mortgaged livestock

Advantages of Bank post-loan supervision platform

Loan platform

Dynamic monitoring of biological assets

With the help of AIOT smart devices, the key information of biological assets can be obtained, and the bank can dynamically grasp the production and operation data of the mortgaged livestock for sale. Combined with manual regular post-loan inspections and other means, assist bank staff to do a good job in dynamic monitoring of collateral.

Biological Asset Valuation

Establishing a standard growth model of biological assets to achieve accurate assessment and value prediction of biological assets. Converting biological assets into standard collateral for banks. Based on the predicted future value of biological assets, assist banks to control credit risks throughout the loan life cycle.

Biological Mortgage Early Warning Mechanism

By setting the warning threshold of mortgage livestock, the livestock can be warned or disposed of in a timely manner when the value of biological assets is insufficient.

Bank post-loan supervision platform


Farm information monitoring

Intuitively understand the scale of loan object farms;

Post-loan risk monitoring

Real-time monitoring and early warning of the total loan amount, the number of targets and the risk index of the loan farm;

Farm Asset Monitoring

Perform asset appraisals on all mortgaged livestock assets on the farm;

Livestock breeding information monitoring

Track specific files for each animal on the farm.