Bio-carbon neutral farming

Greenhouse pasture system helps enterprises to sustain and recycle farming and solve the problem of carbon sequestration

Affordable soilless cultivation

Soilless culture

Simple and practical
Water saving and fertilizer saving
high yield
full of nutrition
less investment
Labor saving

Containerized hydroponic pasture


Application Advantages


Suitable for all kinds of animal husbandry feeding and breeding
Not affected by region, climate and temperature
Reducing labor cost, labor time, labor intensity, and feed cost
Improving the quality of feed, fresh and nutritious, reduce the disease rate of livestock and poultry

The value of hydroponic green feed


The fresh feed has high water content, good taste, and it is easy to digest. The tenderness, greenness and nutrients of the green feed are not only hard to reduce, but also have a fragrant taste, which stimulates the appetite of livestock and increases the amount of food.It plays an excellent role in the growth and development of pigs, cattle and sheep

In northern China, the cycle of feed production is relatively limited. In winter, livestock have no fresh forage grass and lack green feed. Hydroponic green feed can ensure year-round supply, which is beneficial to the growth and development of cattle and sheep. Hydroponic Green Feed is an economical feed.It can reduce nutrient consumption. In addition, it can relieve labor intensity and improve work efficiency.