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  • Smart farming

    The leading intelligent breeding IOT equipment achieves accurate real-time monitoring of individuals, so as to achieve precise feeding and reduce feed-to-weight ratio
  • Carbon Neutral Sustainable Farming

    AI Smart Greenhouse Pasture System Helps Enterprises with Sustainable Recyclable Carbon Neutral Farming Solutions
  • Government Regulatory

    Real-time supervision of the whole process of breeding quantity, epidemic prevention, transportation and slaughtering to ensure food safety
  • Biological Assets supervision

    Real-time dynamic supervision of mortgaged biological assets to realize the whole-process dynamic data risk control model
  • Post-Insurance Regulatory Solutions

    Real-time supervision of insured biological assets to avoid moral hazard and provide data support for insurance product innovation
  • Order Farming Adoption

    The blockchain monitors the health status and location of the adopters in real time, realizing a real and implementable new model of contract farming
  • Living Capital Trading

    The blockchain monitors the health status of living bodies in real time, conducts online transactions of living bodies, and realizes a new model of income trading with health data

smart wearable device

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Precision Feeding Equipment

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Greenhouse pasture cultivation equipment

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  • AIOTAGRO Biological Assets Mortgage Service relies on AIOTAGRO's loan supervision platform and intelligent hardware to meet the financing needs of breeding enterprises to expand their industrial scale, and solve the pain points such as effective supervision and risk control after bank loans.

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cumulative cooperative banks
over 1 million
cumulative number of biological assets under supervision
20+ billion
biological assets value accumulated

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