Government Regulation

Helping the government to dynamically monitor the number of breeding, epidemic situation, and realize big data of agricultural breeding

Intelligent breeding government supervision platform

Government supervision platform

  • Livestock Electronic ID
  • Every object has a unique identity code
  • Full life cycle traceability
  • Unified authentication of electronic identities
  • Simple and convenient online application
  • Paperless Quarantine
  • Online paperless operation of the whole process
  • All links can be checked
  • Not time consuming and hassle
  • Statistics management
  • Record management of retail customers and large-scale factories
  • Slaughterhouse record management
  • Quarantine station filing management
  • Regulatory Authorization Management
  • Harmless treatment
  • Epidemic early warning and prevention
  • Epidemic warning
  • Epidemic statistics
  • Vaccine and Epidemic Prevention Management
  • Harmless warning statistics