AIOT Intelligent Farming-Solution

Summary of solutions


Sensor Device
(Smart Ear Tags, Collars, Foot Rings, etc.)

Data collection


AI Decision System
(Breeding model, Risk control model)

Calculation and Analysis

Decision Making

Breeding equipment control
(Precision Feeder, Environmental Control System)

Guide decision-making

AIOT Intelligent Farming-Software


Real-time monitoring of livestock and poultry breeding environment, behavior and growth cycle, while supporting remote monitoring, positioning, electronic fence.

Sports record
Weight data
Environmental Monitoring
Remote Management
Early Warning Risk
Intelligent Analysis

AIOT Intelligent Farming - Hardware


Intelligent AIOT Ear Tags

  • 5.2 Bluetooth AOA positioning method
  • Double point temperature measurement accuracy 0.1℃
  • Support step counting and exercise monitoring
  • 36 months long battery life

Intelligent AIOT Colla

  • Electronic fence, real-time positioning
  • GPS / Beidou / Base Station / WiFi Positioning
  • Environmental adaptation -40℃~60℃
  • Heat warning, health monitoring

Intelligent AIOT host

  • A single host can receive data transmitted by 500 devices at the same time
  • GPS / Beidou / Base Station Positioning
  • 4G/NB-IOT multiple data transmission

Intelligent AIOT ankle ring

  • Recyclable chips
  • 5.2 Bluetooth AOA positioning method
  • Support step counting and exercise monitoring
  • Scan code traceability

IOT Smart Breeding - Automatic Feeding


Using AIOT smart ear tags to collect data such as temperature, number of steps, physiological stages,and automatically matching the breeding model of similar pigs in the database. Through scientific breeding and intelligent feeding, deterioration and waste can be eliminated, and the artificial stress response to live pigs can be reduced.

Live pig real-time data

Real-time monitoring of each pig's temperature, exercise, and physiological stage records to monitor whether it is in estrus, pregnancy, and lactation
The AIOT cloud server transmits the monitored growth cycle, number of steps, positioning position and other visual data to the APP in real time.

Automatic Feeding System

Through regular, quantitative and scientific feeding, the body condition can be adjusted automatically and effectively, and the pregnant sows can be accurately fed.
Feeding Equipment


 Nursing constant temperature


 Nursing temperature control


 Normal fattening


 Fattening temperature control

Regular and Quantitative

Detail to the individual

Scientific feeding

Fresh and Timely

AIOT Intelligent Farming - Environmental Monitoring

environmental monitoring

Using AIOT smart ear tags, collars, and foot rings, combined with different environmental sensors, small weather stations to collect climate, air pressure, temperature and humidity, and physiological stages, and automatically match similar breeding models in the database to achieve intelligent stocking and scientific breeding.

Monitoring Equipment

Temperature and humidity sensor

Temperature accuracy 0.1℃
Humidity accuracy 0.1%RH(25℃)

Light sensor

Monitoring accuracy

carbon dioxide sensor

Monitoring accuracy

Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

Monitoring accuracy

Ammonia sensor

Response time
Generally less than 5s (25℃)

Methane sensor

Monitoring accuracy

Remote management

Timely response

Scientific guidance

Standard environment

AIOT Intelligent Farming - Intelligent Weighing

Intelligent weighing

Using AIOT smart ear tags and smart weighing equipment to monitor weight changes.Through the support of data, understand the breeding situation, thereby reducing the cost of breeding and improving the efficiency of breeding For example, there are many factors that affect the conception of sows in breeding farms. Physical health is the key indicator. Regular weight monitoring of sows at various stages is the key!

Weighing Process
Breeding Pig Weighing Hardware Equipment

Optimized breeding

Fast and convenient stress-free weighing is convenient for production management and improves the efficiency of breeding farms

Data storage

Query the exported data and upload it to the system, which can realize traceability

Long-term traceability

The data is complete and can be checked. The body weight before farrowing and the weight change after farrowing and weaning can be traced back for a long time.

Data research

In order to study the relationship between breeding performance and weight of breeding pigs, so as to achieve precise management of breeding pig farms

Optimization of the breeding pigs

Adjusting the feeding plan to optimize the size and condition of the sow by grasping the change of the sow's weight at each stop in real time
Cattle and sheep weighing hardware

Stress-free weighing

Through stress-free automatic weighing, the information of smart devices can be automatically read to record weight data

Automatic analysis

Through data storage, it provides a basis for querying and exporting cattle management, grouping, feeding amount, and slaughtering

Individual file

Recording breed, gender, date of birth, feeding house, individual number, monthly weight gain, and annual weight gain

Data research

Using weight data as a reference to provide basis for employee performance appraisal

Optimized farming

By calculating and understanding the weight gain, scientifically adjust the feeding plan and determine the nutrition and dosage of the diet