Difficulties in the poultry farming industry

Poultry Farming

The cost of feed and medicine is high, and it is difficult to use accurate materials and medicines;
Plague is uncontrollable and difficult to prevent. It’s difficult to locate pathogens.Once an outbreak occurs, the loss will be large;
The consumption experience cycle is long.And the market data feedback lags behind;
The possibility of loss and accidental death is high. it is difficult to accurately find the cause of individual loss;
Sales volume
It is difficult to accurately judge the market demand, resulting in unnecessary breeding waste and loss;
Poultry is a terminal sales product, which is difficult for farmers to obtain primary market data accurately and in a timely manner;
Large-scale farming makes it difficult to accurately locate and monitor individuals, resulting in management confusion;



Precise monitoring

  • Real-time positioning monitoring
  • Accurate to each chicken
  • Continuously monitor body temperature
  • Continuously monitor chicken steps

Risk prevention and control

  • Breeding intelligence analysis
  • Deal with risks in a timely manner
  • Real-time Epidemic Alert
  • Reduce breeding losses

AI analysis

  • big database foundation
  • AI Computational Analysis
  • Collect data continuously
  • Intelligent response plan

Safe and efficient

  • Remote detection of chicken flocks
  • Intelligent management of chicken flocks
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce labor costs

Introduction of traceability smart foot ring


Introduction of AIOTAGRO "Running Chicken" traceable smart anklet

AIOTAGRO "Running Chicken" traceability smart foot ring adopts ultra-low-power multi-functional IoT sensing and monitoring equipment, which can accurately collect data and effectively solve the industry pain points of monitoring and traceability of poultry and other agricultural products. It is simple and convenient to use.And it provides a more favorable guarantee for food safety supervision, achieving "really simple, really efficient, really traceable, and really safe". The growth period of an authentic "running chicken"is generally about 210 days.It has to walk at least 8,000 steps a day.The longer the feeding time and the greater the daily exercise, the healthier the chicken will be and the better the meat will be! When the chicks grow to a certain level, the farm staff will tie a smart foot ring with traceable source code on the chicken feet. This smart chicken foot ring pedometer is equivalent to a human sports bracelet. If you adopt a "running chicken" on the AIOTAGRO smart farm platform, you can see the growth cycle and health of the adopted chicken through live broadcast. Status, including its daily activities, behavior habits, three meals a day, etc.

Advantages of AIOTAGRO "Running Chicken" Traceable Smart Foot Rings Reliable Data
AIOTAGRO "Running Chicken" Traceable Smart Foot Ring Function Description

Traceable smart foot ring

The host monitors the data of the foot ring. the monitoring data is updated in real time.And the host uploads the stored data to the cloud server periodically (every day).
The AIOT cloud server transmits the monitored growth cycle, movement steps, positioning position and other visual data to the APP in real time

Smart Farm APP

Adopted users receive real-time updated data from the cloud server through the mobile APP, and view the growth status of poultry (herding) in real time

Traceability process from production to sales

Traceability process



Warehousing and packaging



Order Adoption System Software

software del sistema

AIOTAGRO Ai Nong You pin applet is a 24-hour online WeChat applet platform that can check the status of farming/animal husbandry in real time. The purpose is to provide a food safety traceability system for the majority of ecological agriculture companies and individuals, and to go to the whole country through real-time live broadcast + adoption + traceability.